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Enjoy these video testimonials from real CRY-X clients.

WWE Star Tyson Kidd

TJ Wilson swears by the relief he gets from weekly treatments at CRY-X to combat the soreness and fatigue of training and traveling.

Scott Stad

Scott has endured chronic back pain and knee pain for almost 20 years and has tried everything for relief. Listen to Scott’s testimony and how good he felt after only 4 treatments!

Frank Agholar

As a coach at Carrollwood Day School, Frank highly recommends whole body cryotherapy to his athletes for performance enhancement and recovery. 

Wily Mo Pena

Heavy hitter. Wily Mo credits his cryotherapy treatments for healing and energizing his body off-season practices.

Sara Fitzpatrick

Loves to recover from her Crossfit workouts at Fourleaf Crossfit in Wesley Chapel. She even enjoys the occasional PR she gets when treating prior to competitions! 

Kate Kessler

After a devastating diagnosis of compartment syndrome of the lower legs which threatened her ability to continue running. Kate turned to cryotherapy to relieve inflammation and ease painful symptoms. 

Pro Rider: RJ Hampshire

Following his Daytona crash in the Spring of 2018, RJ utilized cryotherapy at CRY-X to aid in his recovery from fractured ribs and vertebrae as well as a punctured lung and AC joint injury.  After only 5 days of treatments he feels amazing!

Rod Grimes

Rod the”Scoundrel” Grimes uses cryotherapy to get pumped for his matches with Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling.

Christian Ramirez

Four weeks after post ACL reconstructive surgery, Christian is amazed at how good he feels after receiving his first cryotherapy treatment 

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